Design is vital in making your marketing both eye catching and effective.  Your logo of course is vital but so are all the posts you make on social media pages.  Facebook and Instagram marketing now relies on short, interest provoking videos.  There is great skill in knowing how to make these work for your brand.  We have a group of designers that have worked for us before in producing our own marketing as well as those of our clients.  As promised all of our design projects are available in easy to understand projects.  All of them give you at least two revisions to ensure that you get the design you require.


Vital to ensure that your potential customers recognize your company.  After discussions with your project manager about your company and branding our designer will provide you with 3 samples from which you choose your preferred logo.  You can then request two rounds of changes until you receive your perfect logo in jpg and png format.  We use skilled logo producers here, they do NOT use cheap templates like many so called “logo designers”.   You can have a choice of three different types of logos: graphic, hand drawn or one that is just your company signature (all words).

Type of Logo

Social Media Posts

Visual Posts on your social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram elicit far more comments and likes than a plain text post. Think how great your social media marketing will be if we design 30 graphical based posts for you – that is one per month if you post every day! After discussions about your company marketing we will produce these posts for you.  You can even include your supplied photos of your own products.

30 Social Media Posts


Facebook and Instagram Video Advert

Video ads are very effective for pay per click adverts.  They demonstrate what your company has for sale and how superb those products are. After a short discussion about what you are advertising, our designer will produce a short (best for Facebook ads) video that can also include some photos of your products if you wish.

Facebook and Instagram Video Advert