Business Model Canvas

A business plan is vital to the survivability and sustainability of a business, especially to those that are just starting, as these usually acts as guideposts for businesses to follow, specifically during the stages that a business is struggling. So it’s important for companies to have a good business plan that they can lean on, especially for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

However before you get to this point you need to design your company and this is where your Business Model Canvas comes in.

So what is a Business Model Canvas? Its main purpose, as the name suggests, is to define and understand your business model – in other words the structure of your company, how you will find and deal with your customers and where you will find them.

It is a superb business tool that helps you understand your business in an easy to understand and structured manner. It shows your company on one page. It deals with your value proposition – in other words what you are offering potential clients and customers and how your company will profit from its activities. The business model canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder, of Strategyzer and his graphic is below.

What the Biz Guru is offering is a 1 -2 hour phone consultancy call to discuss your company with you with the aim of producing your own Business Model Canvas. Before the interview, we will send you full details of what will be discussed as well as your own graphic of the Business Model Canvas. After the interview the Biz Guru will write up your Business Model Canvas as well as important notes from the consultancy interview.