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Branding And Your Business

Your business brand says a lot about you and your business. If you create a strong brand image, it will elevate you above your peers and provide a good model for your product and service development as well as a sound foundation from which to expand your business.

So what is Branding?

Many people think that having a logo and maybe a short description of their services is all they need to set up their brand. This is not so. Your brand encompasses all that your business does, from first contact with your potential customers through to how your products are defined and sold.

Your brand is what defines and describes your business. Look at any two different companies that compete in the same market and look at how people recognize and remember them.

For example look at Rolls Royce and Toyota – they both sell cars but each company is known for a different reason. Someone looking for a car on a budget would not go to Rolls Royce – yet both sell their cars on reliability.

Clearly more people would aspire to purchase a Rolls Royce, but many also be happy to purchase a Toyota.

Look again at the perceived value of a brand. Why is the iPod the desired MP3 product when other brands have similar properties and reliabilities? People perceive the ipod to be superior and are willing to pay more for the pleasure of owning one. Indeed many people would not consider any other purchase. This is clever branding by Apple who marketed their product as being very desirable to certain markets.

I Don’t Have that Kind of Money – So Why do I Need to Create my Own Brand?

The main reason, has to be to differentiate yourself, but it also makes the promotion of your company and development of your products so much easier. There are thousands of new businesses and many times more web sites. You need to:

  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Make yourself memorable so that people will either look for your business or choose you above your competitors.

When introducing your business to a new customer, your brand should go before you and communicate much of what you want to say.

Branding starts with your Brand Story

Your company Brand Story is a cohesive story that you tell about your company.  It encompasses your products, how you manage your business, how your company is perceived and how you want to promote your business.  It tells a story and provokes an emotional story or emotes feedback and reactions about your business. When setting up your business it is vital that one of the first things you decide upon is your Brand Story.  We will help you do that.


This includes up to 2 hours telephone consultancy and the production of a details Brand Story for our company.

Branding is a complex matter but extremely vital to any business – you need to be recognized by your clients and customers.  It is how you want to be perceived.  This is where branding consultancy is so helpful.  Our senior consultant has a MSc Marketing Management degree and has provided marketing and branding services to many new and established companies. if you need help with your branding.

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