Starting a New Business? Worrying isn’t it?
Need Some Help?

Every entrepreneur, to achieve any amount of success should be motivated. Motivation is always difficult to maintain. You are working all hours of the day, rarely see your family and friends and are so stressed that you could just…… Yup I’ve been there – several times actually. The times when you can’t get to sleep worrying about when you pay the next bill, when your key member of staff does not turn up and you have to drop everything and rush to your business. Maybe you just don’t have enough money to market your business so you can’t move to the next level?

It doesn’t have to be that way – sure I can’t make your staff turn up – but I CAN help you inspire and motivate them so that they turn up and work as best they can. I can’t pay your bills, but I can show you how to make your business more efficient so that you get a good night’s sleep. I can also show you how to get your company known and your sales up with a very small budget, some ingenuity and a bit of hard work!

So maybe you are just starting our with your business, just got a great idea and not sure where to from here? Well I’ve started and run many businesses – not because I didn’t get it right the first time, but because I continually get great ideas and want to build upon them, turn them into successful businesses. AND I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and before that, I had part time businesses from the age of 11. Now you mustn’t do the math and work out how old I am! Just old enough to be wise and willing to help other nervous and anxious entrepreneurs.

After all you are busy so you just want pure, easy to understand and proven information.  Just spend some time looking over my site and maybe start your new business right now!

During this time I have been asked thousands of questions and provided even more answers to those questions.  Now I have collected together over two hundred pages of questions and those important answers that every entrepreneur wants to know.  Learn from an experienced entrepreneur in an easy to understand format.  You can see the index here. Buy it in ebook or published book format. for just $97 and start your new business much more effectively, cheaply and efficiently.

How Do I Start My New Business?




What Kind of Person Is Most Successful In A New Business? Have I Got what it Takes?

Business Ownership – Just Like Working But With More Freedom. Isn’t It?

I Want To Start A Business With The Best Possible Chance Of Success. What Should I Do?

I’ve Got A Great Business Idea But I Am Not Sure When To Make The Leap From My Nice Safe Job To My New Business?

I Want to Start A Business But I’m Not Sure What Type. Any Ideas?

Should I Start A Business or Buy A Franchise?

I’ve Got That Eureka Moment, How Do You Capitalize On My New Idea?

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I Don’t Want To Fail – What Should I Be Careful About?

How Do I Write A Business Strategy ?

Get Someone To Write My Business Plan – Nah! I Can Do That Myself (and Why You Shouldn’t)

I Am Looking For Investors In My Business, Where Do I Find Them?

I’ve Got My New Online Business – So How Can I Ruin It?

When Starting a New Business, My Business Framework – What Scaffolding Do I Need?

I Want A New Web Site Business – What Different Business Models You Can I Use?

I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money, So Have Been Using Classified Ads. They Don’t See To Be Working, So Do You Have Any Suggestions?

I’m A Manufacturer And Having Trouble Selling My Products To Wholesalers. Any Ideas?

I’ve worked really hard; my product is at last finished, so why on earth would I give it away?

I Am At Stage That I Need To Take On Staff, But I Do Not Want A Bad Employee. Any Suggestions?

I Want a Successful Business, So What Mistakes Must I Make Sure That I Don’t Make?

I Don’t Seem To Be Very Efficient, Do You Have Any Ideas?

I Need To Travel A Lot. Any Ideas How I Can Still Run My Business?

I Really Need To Increase My Customer Base – Any Ideas?

Is My Business in Trouble? How Can I Tell Before the Worst Happens?


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